Registration requirements UK


1. GOLFINO Club registration

The GOLFINO Club Member Card is issued upon application and is free of charge. In order to become GOLFINO Club Member, you have to complete, sign and submit a Club Member application or register online at GOLFINO Club Members must be at least 18 years old.

2. Transactions on the GOLFINO Club Member account

Only purchases made at GOLFINO’s own stores will be credited to the GOLFINO Club Member account. When shopping at our GOLFINO online store, please enter your Club Member Card number so that the purchase can be recorded on your customer account. Any purchase made at one of GOLFINO’s own stores will automatically be recorded on your customer account upon presenting the GOLFINO Club Member Card. The accounting period for considering the annual purchase volume shall be the calendar year from 1 January to 31 December – any post-entries are accepted until 31 January of the next year.
The status of the GOLFINO Club Member Card is awarded in accordance with the annual purchase volume recorded on the GOLFINO Club Member account:

Club Member Card Birdie: up to £ 350 | € 500 | SFR 800 | DKK 3.700
Club Member Card Eagle: up to £ 700 | € 1.000 | SFR 1.600 | DKK 7.400
Club Member Card Albatross: more than £ 700 | € 1.000 | SFR 1.600 | DKK 7.400

If the minimum purchase volume required to maintain the current status is not reached in the following year, GOLFINO AG shall reserve the right to adapt the status. No adaptation shall be made if the purchase volume is balanced out in the year after next, i.e. if the total purchase volume over a two-year period exceeds £ 700 (Club Member Card Eagle) or £ 1.400 (Club Member Card Albatross). For reasons of safety, neither the personal transactions nor the value of shopping vouchers are recorded directly on the Club Member Card.

3. The status

The Albatross status includes a free alteration service. However, this does not apply to reduced items. We will be happy to accept alteration work after a purchase and upon presentation of the receipt and the Albatross Card at the GOLFINO store. We will not, however, alter the entire size of the item. The free alteration service is for a maximum of six alterations per year.
The Eagle and Albatross status includes an exclusive shopping consultation with our sales staff. An appointment for this can be made in advance by telephone at the store of your choice.
As an additional service for Albatross customers, GOLFINO AG organises the GOLFINO Albatross Challenge at regular intervals. You may also register a guest for an additional fee.

4. Vouchers

GOLFINO will send a shopping voucher to customers once a year (in the first quarter of the year). The value of the voucher is linked to the status of your card and your annual purchase volume: Holders of the Birdie Club Member Card shall receive a voucher worth 3% of their annual purchase volume. No vouchers shall be issued worth less than £ 10. Their value shall be carried forward to the following year and a voucher shall be issued once the amount of £ 10 has been reached. Holders of the Eagle Club Member Card shall receive a voucher worth 4% of their annual purchase volume. Holders of the Albatross Club Member Card shall receive a voucher worth 5% of their annual purchase volume.There shall be no cash payment in return for the shopping vouchers. The shopping vouchers can only be redeemed at one of GOLFINO’s own stores or outlets. The vouchers cannot be replaced if lost!

5. Information

As an additional service, GOLFINO Club Members will be informed about exclusive events and collection presentations. You can choose to receive this information (primarily) by e-mail instead of by post by indicating your e-mail address. You can change your choice at any time by sending a letter to GOLFINO AG, Humboldtstraße 19, 21509 Glinde or an e-mail to Certain information will be sent by e-mail only.The GOLFINO Club Member Card is not transferable to third parties. It shall remain the property of GOLFINO AG. Any right of retention shall be excluded. GOLFINO AG shall be entitled to change the registration requirements for the Club Member Card at any time. Club Members will be informed of any changes in an appropriate and timely
The Club Member Card is only valid once it has been signed by the Club Member. Please inform us of any changes to your personal details.

6. Data privacy

The product and customer data recorded by GOLFINO AG in relation to the GOLFINO CLUB may only be used and stored for the purpose of guaranteeing the customer all the benefits relating to his/her ownership of the Club Member Card.The registration data from the Club Member Card programme shall be used exclusively for internal purposes. The data provided upon registration or whenever the card is used shall not be transferred to third parties. Only the GOLFINO AG staff responsible for this data as well as any commissioned shipping companies shall have access to them. After granting us your consent to send you advertising material, you are free to withdraw it with future effect at any time by contacting GOLFINO AG. The customer data shall then be deleted immediately and entirely. If you wish to withdraw your consent, please send a letter to: GOLFINO AG | Club Member Service | Humboldtstraße 19 | 21509 Glinde or an e-mail to Apart from that, we collect, store and use customer data exclusively in compliance with our general data privacy regulations, which you can read at or request a copy of.

7. Loss of cards

If you lose your GOLFINO Club Member Card, please contact GOLFINO to request a substitute card.

8. Termination

You can terminate your membership in the GOLFINO Club at any time without observing a notice period. The notice of termination must be submitted in writing and shall be sent to the following address: GOLFINO AG, Humboldtstraße 19, 21509 Glinde, Germany.

9. Modification to the GOLFINO Club system/the registration requirements

GOLFINO reserves the right to suspend, supplement or modify the GOLFINO Club in compliance with an adequate notice period or, where good cause exists, without observing such notice period, while having due regard to your interests. Furthermore, GOLFINO reserves the right to modify or amend these registration requirements. You will be notified of any modifications by post. Any modification shall be deemed to have been accepted unless objections are raised within one month following the date of dispatch as per postmark.

10. Miscellaneous

Do you have any questions, comments or wishes? Feel free to contact GOLFINO AG, Humboldtstraße 19, 21509 Glinde, Germany or